Recording TV Signal For V9-T

Here is the step how to do recording with V9-T on TV signal.

Please noted that any free-to-air signal (Terrestrial) that start from 47Mhz to 898Mhz can received by V9-T including Radio Frequency.

Please update your version of V9-T or download the firmware latest version here.  before you proceed to the next step.

It is important for the V9-T to update to the latest version because it can fixs bugs and other small errors such as playing an ISO file and external DVD player.

Step By Step How To Record TV Signal.

  1. Update Firmware to latest version of V9-T
  2. Turn on your V9-T and wait for loading menu appearsed
  3. On your remote control press SETUP button
  4. Now select TV from the menu and select Channel Scan
    * This will allow V9-T to scan a TV signal from your place.
    * Scanning depends on your area, the closer you are from town, the better and the faster the signal it will be.
    * Make sure that you have a higher and bigger TV Antenna to received Digital Signal.
    * An Outdoor TV Antenna are recomended.
  5. Now go back to TV from the menu and select Channel Set
  6. Select DTV
    * This will allow V9-T to work as DTV (Digital Television)
  7. Now on your remote control select AV/TV
    * Press twice to go on screen TV Programme (The DTV icon will appeared)
  8. Now you are ready to record TV Programme
  9. Press TIMER button on your remote control
    * This will allow you to record another channel while you are watching TV Programme.
  10. Select ADD A NEW SCHEDULE and press ENTER
    * From this menu you can record,edit and delete your TV Programme recording.
  11. Now select your SOURCE and you can set the recording as you like.
    * For example TV1 Start Time 2010/12/12 Length MAXIMUM 4 HOURS Repeat Once/Day/Week
    * Meanwhile, you are watching TV2 and recording TV1 or listening to Radio MuzikFM/KLFM/etc...
    * Or watching Muzik Interaktif and recording TV2...
  12. There is another way of doing advance recording for V9-T
    * Make sure you are on DTV
    * Electronic program guides or interactive program guides provide users of television,radio, and other media applications with continuously updated menus displaying scheduling information for current and upcoming programming.
    * From here you can do progressive timer recording as many as you like (depending on your storage capasity)

P/S : For your Tuner cable setup, FOR ANTENNA please connect TV antenna, FOR LOOP please connect it to your TV

Noted that antenna cable are not included with V9-T packaging and it is recomended to use MALE and FEMALE antenna connector to TV. 

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