Allocacoc PowerCube Original - 7100 Kelly Green

Allocacoc PowerCube Original - 7100 Kelly Green

  • PowerCube Original UK socket (Kelly Green)
  • 5 additional UK Sockets with UK plug
  • 230V, 13A fused, 2990W (grounded)
  • Childproof shutters
  • With surge protector

Socket multiplier
-The PowerCube|Original| provides five additional sockets by plugging to your wall socket.

Building blocks
-PowerCubes may be stacked together, expanding the number of sockets adapting to your needs.

No blockage
-Our uniquely designed PowerCube prevents bulky adaptors and plugs from blocking each other. This means that all sockets on the PowerCube can be used at the same time.

-PowerCube are certified by SIRIM and all contacts are grounded and child-proof.

World’s smallest compact design socket multiplier

Often we will find ourselves short of power sockets at home to supply power to all the appliances that we want to use at the same time. Either because they are blocked by bulky plugs and cannot be used anymore, or there are just a few near us. Using regular extension cords to multiply sockets, often deals with long unnecessary cords.


PowerCube |Original|


▪︎ Provides five additional outlets, and can expand to even more outlets when combined
▪︎ Prevents plugs from blocking each other, due to its cubic shape
▪︎ Compact design



World’s smallest socket multiplier