Allocacoc PowerCube ReWirable Travel Plugs - 1841 IEC Cable

Allocacoc PowerCube ReWirable Travel Plugs - 1841 IEC Cable

  • PowerCube Rewirable UK Socket plus travel plugs (Mystic Magenta)
  • 5 additional UK Sockets with 4 travel plugs for US,EU,UK,AU,CN, JAP (UK Plug is with 1.0 meter IEC Cable)
  • Universal IEC socket-plug connection compatible with every country local IEC cable for power source
  • 250V, 10A, 2500W (grounded)
  • Childproof shutters
  • With surge protector

Travel plugs
-All you need is one PowerCube|ReWirable| to travel around the world. The set of additional plugs cover frequently traveled destinations: Europe, United
States, China, Australia, Japan and United Kingdom (UK Plug is with 1.0 meter IEC Cable).

Universal IEC socket-plug connection
-The worldwide standard receptacle (fused for max 6-10A) allows you to use your old IEC cables in that country as an extension cord for the PowerCube|ReWirable|

Functional at home or abroad
-Once you return home, simply switch the plug to one that is compatible with your home country and continue to use the PowerCube|ReWirable| at home.

Socket multiplier
-The PowerCube|Original| provides five additional sockets by plugging into just one socket.

No blockage
-Our uniquely designed PowerCube prevents bulky adaptorsand plugs from blocking each other. This means that all sockets on the PowerCube can be used at the same time.

-PowerCube all contacts are grounded and child-proof