E-Blue Cobra Professional Keyboard - EKM057BK Professional

E-Blue Cobra Professional Keyboard - EKM057BK Professional

Combatant-X is a gaming keyboard which combines smooth curves and a sleek finish in an avant-garde design. The keyboard is remarkably cool in outlook with attractive LED illumination. It is a durable keyboard so users can exercise full control in gaming. It is made to satisfy all your needs in any exciting games.

Cobra Combatant X

Fascinating blue LED illumination
Unique blue LED illumination is released from the cobra emblem and both ends of the keyboard. The scattered illumination sparkles and creates and extra-ordinary cool effect. It helps you to stand out even in the darkest environment.

Spill-resistant keyboard
The keyboard is equipped with several drain holes. Accidental spills can be discharged through the drain holes. Thus, it will not greatly affect the overall performance of the keyboard.

Convertible color keys
Eight frequently used color keys are used in the keyboard for you to exercise easy control. It is convertible for users to change the keycap to suit their needs.

Adjustable stand
Adjustable stand is installed at the bottom of the keyboard. Users can adjust the angle of the keyboard to fit their requirements.

Overall performance description of the keyboard

Keyboard type: 104 keys
Ired type:USB
Operation Voltage:5V±5%
Keyboard Cable:5.4feet cable
Key Switch life:Over 10million cycle
Product Compatibility:Windows 98/ 2000/ME/NT /XP/win 7