Huntkey Notebook Power Adapter - ADP-65W LENOVO/Asus/Toshiba

Huntkey Notebook Power Adapter - ADP-65W LENOVO/Asus/Toshiba

  • It includes 2 notebook tips NO. 5 (Lenovo ASUS/Acer TOSHIBA), NO. 11 (Thinkpad Lenovo)
  • Built-in protection: over current protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection
  • UL, CE,CB, GS, CCC, FCC, C-Tick, SAA compliant
  • With UK plug

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Thinkpad (Used Tips)
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Input voltage100-240VAC
Input frequency50/60Hz
Output watt65W
Output voltage119VDC (±5%)
Output current0-3.42A
Stand by power≤ 0.50W
Operating temperature0'C to +40'C
SafetyCE, CB, CCC, FCC, UL, RCM, G