Noontec Hesdphone - NOONTEC HAMMO

Noontec Hesdphone - NOONTEC HAMMO

Hammo is specially designed for the high end music fans who pursue high voice quality as well as stylish appearance. Hammo break though the traditional design style and boldly adopt more fashion, more unique, more attractive and impressive new design. 50mm high-quality driver unit match with precisely tuned low frequency sound tested ear pad, noontec’s unique SCCB sound technology together with acoustic master’s professional tune brings Hammo Hi-Fi level’s sound performance. High sensitive in-line control microphone makes it convenient to switch between phone calls and music enjoyment, and this microphone is applicable for iphone, Samsung, htc, Motorola, etc. popular mobile phones or tablets. Hammo fashion Hi-Fi headphone, show your style, taste the Hifi!

High Definition Performance

Maybe you have experienced the brilliant from Zoro, now please get ready to it’s senior model Hammo, that ertainly will surprise you

Advance 50mm Driver

Hammo equipped with a advance 50mm Driver, witch deliver you excellent audio performance

Crisp & Tender Treble Response

Due to professional audio tuning, Hammo headphone performs treble response without sounding unnatural Due to professional audio tuning, or harsh, the music from percussion instrument and stringed instrument.

Clear Mid-Range Response

Latest SCCB HD acoustic technique and excellent driver, Hammo distinguishes itself with clear mid-range response, delivering a redlis tic voice with distinct gradation, it’s suitable enjoy BEL Canto, Country Music and Jazz.

Balanced Acoustic Performances

In order to get excellent feeling while, Playing various strles of music, such as Pop, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Country Music and Symphony, Hammo has been well tuned to balance acoustic performance.

Noontec Hammo is actually a Headphone. Delivers clear better response across the entire audio spectrum.


Adjustable headband

Flexible and adjustable with memory scale to ensure each head shape is suite with the best possible fit.

Protein cotton material for ear muffs

Protein skin-friendly material that is comfortable and breathable and wont instigate skin allergies through long term usage.


Steel reinforcement

Delicate adjustable steel reinforcement to enhance the headphone longevity.


High sensitive cable microphone

Hitg sensitive cable microphone allow hand-free phone calling

Plug-in audio cable

Plug-in audio cable design, 24 gold-plating, reliable connection and difficult break down.

Driver type


Plug type


Driver diameter


Frequency response

5~30,000 Hz

Sensitivity at 1 KHz 1mW


Input impedance


Max power



High definition



Audio cable length