Noontec Hesdphone - NOONTEC HAMMO

Noontec Hesdphone - NOONTEC HAMMO

  • High Definition Performance
  • Advance 50mm Driver
  • Crisp & Tender Treble Response
  • Clear Mid-Range Response
  • Balanced Acoustic Performances
  • Protein cotton material for ear muffs
  • High sensitive cable microphone
  • Plug-in audio cable

High Definition Performance
Hammo certainly will surprise you with High Definition Performance.

Advance 50mm Driver
-Hammo equipped with a advance 50mm Driver, witch deliver you excellent audio performance.

Crisp & Tender Treble Response
-Due to professional audio tuning, Hammo headphone performs treble response without sounding unnatural or harsh, the music from percussion instrument and stringed instrument.

Clear Mid-Range Response
-Latest SCCB HD acoustic technique and excellent driver, Hammo distinguishes itself with clear mid-range response, delivering a realistic voice with distinct gradation, it’s suitable enjoy BEL Canto, Country Music and Jazz.

Balanced Acoustic Performances
-In order to get excellent feeling while, Playing various styles of music, such as Pop, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Country Music and Symphony, Hammo has been well tuned to balance acoustic performance.

-Noontec Hammo is actually a Headphone. Delivers clear better response across the entire audio spectrum.

Adjustable headband
-Flexible and adjustable with memory scale to ensure each head shape is suite with the best possible fit.

Protein cotton material for ear muffs
-Protein skin-friendly material that is comfortable and breathable and won't instigate skin allergies through long term usage.

Steel reinforcement
-Delicate adjustable steel reinforcement to enhance headphone durability.

High sensitive cable microphone
-High sensitive cable microphone allow hand-free phone call.

Plug-in audio cable
-Plug-in audio cable design, 24 gold-plating, reliable connection and quality endurance

Driver type


Plug type


Driver diameter


Frequency response

5~30,000 Hz

Sensitivity at 1 KHz 1mW


Input impedance


Max power



High definition



Audio cable length